At Buy Art~Feed Kids our mission is to support young families, especially mothers, on the Sunshine Coast by providing them with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables to feed their children.

With the cost of fresh food skyrocketing in recent years, struggling low-income families are having to make difficult trade-offs at the grocery store – apples or chips? Carrot or chocolate bar? When you’re buying in terms of calories per dollar, unfortunately junk food almost always wins out.

Buy Art~Feed Kids wants to make sure young mothers on the Sunshine Coast don’t have to face this dilemma. We provide food vouchers for fresh, healthy, local produce so that kids can get the nutrient-dense foods they need for proper brain development, growth, energy and overall health.

Hunger Facts

Food insecurity: not having a dependable, consistent source of sufficient, nutritious food

fruits-155616_This is no small problem in our community, and probably your community as well. More and more BC families are experiencing food insecurity. In 2014 just on the Sunshine Coast alone, the food bank saw over 1,000 visits per month – and about 30% of beneficiaries were children.

The consequences of inadequate healthy foods are significant, linked with such such conditions as depression, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. When experienced in early childhood, it can result in impaired brain development and stunted growth.

What is driving rates of food insecurity? Each year in British Columbia, the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables is increasing rapidly. Last year a family of four averaged $1000 per month for groceries! Coupled with rising rates of housing, it’s no wonder that for struggling families, buying lots of fruits and vegetables is often considered a luxury.

At Buy Art~Feed Kids we believe access to healthy, nutritious produce for children should never be a luxury – it should be a right. We envision a Sunshine Coast community where all young families have safe, reliable and adequate access to nutritious foods.

Research shows that with improved nutrition, combined with wider community support and environmental stimulation, the effects of early childhood undernutrition can be reversed. Let’s band together to ensure all children on the Sunshine Coast have adequate access to nutritious foods.

How Do We Create This Change? We start with the small things first, which are not so small:          * Provide grocery vouchers *

How to get involved?

      • Collect Art – visit our on-line gallery (buy art and 50% of proceeds put groceries on a family’s table)
      • Contribute financially just because it feels good! And you get to know where and how your contributions are creating these changes by following our monthly blog!

Behind every changed life is someone who helped make it happen ~  Be that someone!

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